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Bridal Registry is available. A knowledgeable staff member will help you complete your list and it will be posted on our website, complete with pictures, and the ability to order on line 24x7. After your event, you’ll receive a 5% bonus from qualified purchases from The Pot Rack, and a 10% discount to complete your purchases during the next six months. Appointments are encouraged and may be scheduled after normal operating hours for your convenience. Complimentary gift wrap.

Wish List Registry – Wishing someone knew exactly what you wanted? Write your wish list down and let us keep it in The Pot Rack’s recipe box. Send your family and friends in, or have us send them a note telling them to stop by and shop for you! How easy is that?

Knife Sharpening - Drop your knives off today, and we’ll have them ready for you the next business day. $3.00 per knife. Not sure what to do what that round tool you got with your set? Ask us and we will show you the best way to maintain your knife edge between sharpening.

Coffee Club - Enjoy Coffee? So do we! Purchase coffee and we’ll mark your coffee club card. No need to keep track of the card – we’ll do that for you.